The School Policy

School policies are formulated through the collaborative efforts of C-Rose Academy staff, the School Leadership Team, and the Consultative Council and/ or as mandated by the Nigeria ministry of Education. They are designed to provide clarity and assistance for both students and parents on a wide range of important topics. Throughout the school year, parents will be informed of any additional policies or changes in current policies.

Rationale: “Dressing for Success” applies not only to the workplace, but also to school. Research has shown that the adoption of a dress code instills discipline in students , decreases violence, and helps youth resist peer pressure.
  Inappropriate dresses can cause unnecessary distractions in classrooms and more importantly, convey unintended wrong messages that are misinterpreted by peers. Adolescents need clarification and reinforcement in matters of appropriateness, particularly in appropriate attire for school. Clothing that may be appropriate for non-school related social activities may not be proper school attire.
Beads are not allowed to be used on girls hair to avoid children swallowing those beads or putting it in the nose or ear.

The following is a list of inappropriate apparel and accessories that should not to be worn in the school building:

  • Low cut blouses
  • Halter tops
  • Midriff tops
  • Super low riders
  • Muscle T-shirts
  • Hot shorts
  • Short skirts


Cellular phones, beepers, walk-mans, radios, game-boy, and other electronic devices are also not permitted in the building. These items are expensive and should be left at home. C-Rose Academy  is not responsible for their loss or theft. These items are also subject to confiscation and will be returned only to parents. Parents who need to contact their children during school hours in emergency situations can do so by calling the Administrator’s Office.


Rationale: C-Rose Academy’s Early Excuse Policy and procedures have been created to ensure the safety of our students and to minimize any break in the continuity of instruction.


    * Arrangements for the early excuse of students from school should be made in advance whenever possible. Parents can contact the Administrator’s Office and speak with the Administrative secretary regarding the time and reason for the early excuse. Parents can also leave messages if they are calling before school hours. The secretary will return your call to verify the request, so it is important to leave a contact phone number.
    * Alternate Arrangements: Students may present a note to the Admin secretary upon arrival to school stating the time of the early excuse and reason for it. However, a contact number for the secretary must be included to verify request, or arrangements will not be made until a parent arrives at the school.
    * It is important to note that all requests for Early Excuse must be verified by the admin secretary through oral communication with a pupil’s parent/legal guardian.
    * Parents/guardians must inform the Admin secretary if someone else has been designated to take their child out of school. Pupils will not be released to anyone other than a legal guardian if prior notification was not made and verified. Pupils will not be released to other minors.
   * Parents, guardians, or other authorized family members or neighbors picking up children for early excuse from school must report to the main lobby, produce proper I.D. to the School Safety Agent or designee at the main desk, and sign in the Visitors’ Log.


* Pupils will receive a white Early Excuse Pass from the Admin secretary. This pass must be shown to the teachers of the classes that were missed. Teachers will make a notation of this excused absence in their records, and pupils will not be penalized. Parents should keep these passes for their records once they have been shown to the teachers in case a question of attendance arises.
    * Early Excuse from school results in a loss of valuable instructional time. Whenever possible, appointments for doctors or other important matters should be made after your child’s school day is over.


C-Rose Academy Safety Committee has also established protocols to ensure the safety of our pupils and staff members and to facilitate visits by parents and other members of the community.


Visitors are not permitted to utilize the staff parking lot during school hours.
    * Visitors must report to the School Safety Agent assigned to main lobby reception.
    * Visitors must present a valid I.D. Parents may not pick up children early from school without presenting a valid picture I.D.
    * Visitors must register in the Visitors Log Book once their identification has been verified by a School Security  Personnel.
    * Visitors must specify the exact nature of their visit and the name of the person/office to be visited. (Visitors who are unsure of the person they wish to speak with or the office they wish to visit will be assisted by staff members in the administrative block.)
    * Visitors will be issued a Visitor’s Pass that must remain visible and be worn at all times.
    * Visitors will be directed to the administrative block where they will remain until their appointment has been verified or other arrangements have been made.
    * Visitors must report to the Reception desk after their visit is completed, sign out and return their Visitor’s Pass.

    * Visitors in violation of these procedures or whose conduct jeopardizes the safety of pupils and staff, interferes with programs in the school or endangers property are subject to immediate removal from the school by order of the headmistress and possible arrest.


Speaking of vernacular and bad words is prohibited in the school premises.


The students are not permitted to run within the school hall.